Thursday, July 16, 2009

Footsteps in the Forest

While sorting through some old artwork, I came across this book cover design I did for a story I've been meaning to finish writing. In the end it became more of an art experiment than a writing exercise. The whole purpose of this piece done in pastels is to "loosen up" my style by quickly drawing the trees and the branches and blending the colors given the 1 hour time limit I set myself to complete it. This was in order to try to get over my habit of being a little too obsessive compulsive when it came to every minute detail of each piece whether in terms of the visual or symbolic details.

Instead of presenting you with another explanation of the concept I had in mind, I invite you to look at it. Really look and try to see if you can see something hidden. I'm not giving away the answer for now since it's always interesting to hear other people's theories on what they see in a particular piece before hearing my take on it.